Dear Momma

I wrote this letter to read to the moms at the Center of Hope shelter on Sunday, Mother’s Day. It’s almost a letter to myself as we prepare to launch our latest young adult. Hope you enjoy.

Dear Momma, I see you with that baby, so cuddly and sweet. Don’t you love baby sounds, the cooing and gurgling. Don’t you love that sweet baby smell and those soft, pudgy little hands. Such a gift. So innocent. But I do remember the crying, colic, and teething, with arms aching from wrestling your growing baby. Many nights wondering if you will ever sleep again. Don’t worry mom, you will sleep again.

Dear Momma, now I see you running after that toddler. Wow, did you ever think you could move that fast, or so much? Good thing you are young and nimble while chasing your toddler, so full of fun and mischief! Have you ever been so completely entertained yet so exhausted at the same time? For now, she keeps you young and takes your patience to new limits. Don’t worry mom, you will sit again.

Dear Momma, it’s crazy how that first haircut morphed your cute toddler into a walking, talking, full-fledged child. As exhausting as the baby years were, its kind of hard watching her grow up so fast. And what’s with all the questions? What’s this momma? What’s that? Why mom?  Mom, are you listening to me?  Filled with curiosity, she is a little information vacuum. Just smile and nod mom. Smile and nod. Don’t worry, it will be quiet again.

Dear Momma, keep loving that tween. I know. She’s kind of awkward and gangly. That child you have adored for so long, the child who hung on your every word is now developing a mind of her own. She’s not quite the listener she used to be. Now it’s time for her to test her boundaries, your boundaries. How far can she push you? And talk about drama…have you ever seen so much drama as she tries to find her spot in the world? Don’t worry mom, your duckling is becoming a swan.

Dear Momma, I see you with that teen. Wow. you two are almost friends. She doesn’t realize yet, but you are her biggest cheerleader. But these are some tough years too. You taught her better, so why is she doing that? Did she just lie? You thought you’d never see the day.. Don’t worry, your sweet child is in there somewhere, but for now she will be hidden while she tests every boundary while trying to navigate her way to adulthood. More sleepless nights for you. Keep praying. Your best parenting is done on your knees for now.

Well, Momma, your baby is all grown. You’ve launched her into adulthood…but you still worry. What’s with that? I thought the worrying part was over after high school? Nope. But you know what? You taught her well. You taught her to love Jesus. You taught her to follow God. And on top of that, she belongs to Him anyway. She was just yours for a short time. God will be guiding her now, just like He’s been guiding you. It won’t always seem like He’s taking her down the best paths, but He is her Father too, and He is with her as she finds her way through adulthood. You’ve done the hard work. Trust Him. You deserve a break anyway. It’s time to rest. But keep praying. Always keep praying.

Kelly Patterson

7 thoughts on “Dear Momma

  1. Love this. Having all girls I thought of each one at each stage and became emotional. Just losing my Mother, I thought of her love and that no one loves you, on this earth, more than your Mom.

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  2. Very well written Kelly. I am a Mother and a Maw Maw so I have been through this twice with my loves. But look at them now. My son and daughter have made me the proudest of Moms. My 5 grandkids make me proud all over again. God Bless us all.

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  3. Kelly! This is so GOOD! Sadly, all the things that used to bring me joy ( and pain) in parenting are too quickly forgotten. Thank you for bringing the memories to me again. So proud of your work here!!!


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